Custom Development

We leverage our proprietary technologies and extensive codebase to customize our products to your business and blockchain use-case.

Smart Contracts

At Aventus, our team members are smart contract pioneers and can custom develop smart contracts to meet your exact business goals.

Platform Development

End-to-end full stack development to onboard, manage, and engage your users within a secure blockchain platform with native user wallets.

Private Blockchain Development

For sensitive information and projects that need increased efficiency and privacy, we build and create restricted access-blockchain networks.

DeFi Development

We build and design financial products and tokens for the decentralized financial ecosystem

Token Offerings

Designing and building STOs, ICOs, and IEOs, offering everything from token economics, crowdfunding contract development, multi-signature wallet configuration and architecture, to tracking and analytics.

Decentralized Application Development

Web3 smart contract applications that engage directly with the underlying blockchain.

Use Cases Include

Digital Identity

Tamper proof infrastructure for identity and control of data online.

Tax Records

Reorganize accounting and automate the process of payments, transfer and recording of assets.


OTC, exchange, and management products for financial derivatives.


Non-fungible tokens for transferrable and redeemable in-game assets and rewards.

IP Rights

Record keeping, registration, control and distribution & trade of intellectual property rights using transparent software.

Financial Products

Leverage latest DeFi technologies to offer or create borrowing, lending and market making products and softwares.


Peer to peer execution of wagering complete with oracles and Web3 integration.

Supply Chain

Track the provenance of assets digitally, complete with transaction history, information and compliance.


Auditable data management and sharing for consumers and organizations to optimize insurance products.


Digitally encode relationships between multi parties in self-executable smart contracts.

Few of the Blockchains we work with.

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